Tone / Demographic:
  • Contemporary, gritty, realistic, ironic, quirky, smart
  • Cautionary tales; each episode accompanied by a moral
  • Short on special effects; long on suspense and black humor
  • BLACK MIRROR in tone
Target audience: 18-49
  • FREE FROM COPYRIGHT (they are considered public domain) and originally written by world-renowned authors such as The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, and Aesop
  • HUNDREDS of potential episodes to adapt
  • INTERNATIONAL FOCUS, due to the European origins of many of the stories
  • REVERED by people of all ages
The Cast:
  • A diverse acting company (i.e., AMERICAN HORROR STORY)
Pilot Script – TV / Web Series  (Previously set up at Showtime)
Created by Jeffrey Hirschberg
LOGLINE: A half-hour, R-Rated anthology series utilizing classic fairy tales and adapting them to modern times. Employing universal themes, the series re-imagines these stories, making them relatable to a modern audience.
Pilot: "The Sisters Piggerton" (Based on "The Three Little Pigs")
TAGLINE: Not everyone lives happily ever after...