Feature Screenplay / Short Film – R-Rated Comedy
Written by Jeffrey Hirschberg
LOGLINE: Two slackers move from the bottom 99% to the top 1% by opening dozens of pre-approved credit cards.  WEDDING CRASHERS in tone.
The short was written and directed by Jeffrey Hirschberg and produced by Hirschberg and Lou Rera (Official Selection: Friars Club Comedy Film Festival and NYLA International Film Festival). Based on Hirschberg's feature screenplay.  
Starring: Sean Meehan, Jim Santangeli, and Karen Shallo. 

Jim Santangeli and Sean Meehan

Jim Santangeli, Karen Shallo, and Sean Meehan

Desiree Wiley, Jim Santangeli, and Jeffrey Alan Miller

Sean Meehan, Nathan Hirschberg, Ed Fenster, and Dresden Engle