Feature Screenplay – Animated / Live Action Family Comedy
Story by Jeffrey Hirschberg and Mark Williams
Screenplay by Jeffrey Hirschberg
LOGLINE: In a daring quest for freedom, retired corporate Trademarks rebel against the evil advertising agency enslaving them.  TOY STORY and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT in tone.
The first in a trilogy.

Finalist: Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition

Have you ever wondered, “What happens to corporate Trademarks when their ad campaigns come to an end?”
That’s the question answered in ESCAPE FROM TRADEMARK TOWN — an animated / live action family comedy in the spirit of TOY STORY and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.
Set in New York City, the story begins with MICROCHIP MIKE — he’s the most famous corporate Trademark in the world... and he knows it.  This one-foot, sarcastic, animated, robot-like man represents a fictitious computer giant called FutureTech.
As our story begins, Mike discovers his illustrious career has come to an end — he will be replaced by a singing hologram.  He's even more surprised when the ad agency representing FutureTech throws Mike into a secret vault called Trademark Town.
The town — created by the evil DICK TOBIN of Tobin & Associates — is a giant, secure room in the belly of the famous agency.  When Mike is “retired,” he's shocked to find himself in a world of hundreds of long-lost Trademarks.  Over the decades, Trademark Town has become home to these failed or retired campaigns — from cigarette Trademarks to bankrupt dot com Trademarks — and boasts its own currency, Congress, shops, stores, and parks.
And, there's no way out.
ESCAPE FROM TRADEMARK TOWN is a fast-paced, action-packed story of friendship, loyalty, and most of all... freedom.  With undertones ranging from the Book of Exodus to the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement, the story of Trademarks and their quest for freedom deals with universal themes appealing to audiences of all ages.