Feature Screenplay – Romantic Comedy
Story by Jeffrey Hirschberg and Mark Williams
Screenplay by Jeffrey Hirschberg
LOGLINE: The top marriage counselor in NYC falls for her biggest rival as well as the patient they’re both helping.  A romantic rectangle.     BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY meets TRAINWRECK.
Winner: The Raw Word-Independent Film Project Competition in NYC
Top 10%: BlueCat Screenplay Competition
COMPLETELY INCOMPLETE is a new kind of romantic comedy... a love rectangle reminiscent of the Tracy–Hepburn classics of yesteryear.
The story centers on an unlikely couple — Jessica (New York’s most eclectic Psychologist), and Ken (New York’s most conceited Psychiatrist). Both specialize in couple’s therapy... and that’s where their similarities end.
Added to the mix is the city's “It” couple — Ryan and Gina. Jessica and Ken are forced to work together to solve the pair's insurmountable marital problems.
Will Jessica end up with Ryan? Ken? Alone? Follow her journey in COMPLETELY INCOMPLETE — a fast-paced comedy about four flawed characters and their quest for love, happiness, and balance in their lives.